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Brilliant Cutting and Hand Bevelling

Brilliant cutting

Brilliant cutting is a highly skilled and artistic process.

It is an age-old technique that has been passed on through apprenticeship. Brilliant cutting creates designs on glass and mirror and is all done by hand. Because it is done by hand it has a superb finish.

These designs are achieved by cutting into the glass. Our in-house brilliant cutter will work with you to create the brilliant cut design that is perfect for you, from a simple border to an intricate pub window. Brilliant cutting is great for door panels, mirrors, restaurant and pub windows. Letters and numbers can also be brilliant cut.

Mix your brilliant cut design with a sandblast or acid finish to create a obscure back ground.

The possibilities are endless!

This gorgeous panel has been bevelled and brilliant cut by hand!

Hand Bevelling

Hand bevelling is an age-old process which grinds away the edge of the glass to produce a chamfered or decorative finish.

This technique is used for glass and mirrors which fall into one of the following categories:
Too small for the machine to bevel.
For example, clock face, compact mirror, barometer.

Shapes. Machines are great but have their limitations and cannot do some shapes.
Hand Bevelling gives us the flexibility to cover a wider range of shapes.

Decorative finish.
Bevels do not have to be straight. There are different types of finishes, such as cross bevel, scollop bevel and rope bevel.

Here is one of our brilliant cutting contracts that you might recognize :) All cut by hand!!

Posted by S. Taylor & Sons on Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Brilliant cut & sandblast panel
Taylors Glass - Brilliant Cut & Hand Bevelling

Hand Bevelled mirror made to fit antique frame
Taylors Glass - Brilliant Cut & Hand Bevelling

Beautiful mirror made to order with brilliant cut & hand bevelled pieces of mirror
Taylors Glass - Projects

Taylors Glass - Brilliant Cut & Hand Bevelling