Fir Tree Glass Works
215 Gorton Road, Reddish,
Stockport SK5 6LQ
Tel: 0161 947 4800
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Fir Tree Glass Works - 215 Gorton Road, Reddish, Stockport SK5 6LQ
Tel: 0161 947 4800 Fax: 0161 443 1883
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Acid glass etching

Acid etching gives different effects and textures to the surface of the glass. This depends on the type of acid used and the length of time it takes to burn into the glass. Due to the nature of the work this can be a very time-consuming procedure.

You will find examples of this type of work in many pubs and very old houses. The etched glass design is cut completely by hand, allowing for an intricate level of detail. Each design is made exactly to the individual's specification, so why not contact us today to discuss your specific requirements?


Sandblasting is a way of obscuring glass and can be used to give various effects. We can sandblast designs on to the glass. This is achieved by putting a stencil on the glass, or, if you have something particular in mind, we can mark up the glass and one of our in-house artists will cut out the design.

Sandblasting is a great way to have designs on both mirrors and clear glass, from a plain frosted glass effect to a full feature. We can do a deep sandblast along with a fine sandblast to create a two-dimensional effect.

Get creative with glass!

Combine either the acid or sandblasting with a services/brilliant_cutting_and_hand_bevellingbrilliant cut design to create a truely beautiful and eye catching piece of decorative art work. This works fantastic for pub windows giving a truely tradition look to the pub.

Get creative with mirror!

Mirrors can have different sandblasted designs too. One customer came to us with this quote to go on to a mirror as a gift! This is also great for childrens bedrooms. We can put their name, date of birth, features to match the bedroom theme etc.

Or have your company logo on and give a bright profesional feature to your work place.

We can make your ideas into a beautifully finished peice of decorative art work.

Call 0161 947 4800 and speak to our friendly sales team to arrange a one to one apointment with our in-house artist's.

We apologize that our photographs are not taken by professional photographers but we take the pictures of our work as it is done and move on to the next job. We love to be busy and love to share our work with you.